With a firm conviction in the innovative and dynamic qualities of prestressed, precast hollow core technology, engineers at E-Cube are a team working on construction technology. We are having a patent for earth quake resistance construction technology. Now we have modified the technology further, and we modified the technology to suit large scale manufacturing facility with different design components to provide better efficiencies in construction.

We always research to modify and redefine our technology to address the challenges faced by the society. In this endeavour, we have found economical and durable solutions for the present coastal erosion problems at coastal areas. During rain havoc and floods with road and bridges getting damaged badly, we have developed a system to fast rectification methods with pre cast components to bring cost-effective solution for re-construction. In building construction, we have proven technology for earth quake resistive, economical and fast construction. We are proud to announce that we are technology providers, who produce the components to achieve the technology. To have standard production quality, we have custom designed machines and lab facility for the same. We have state of art manufacturing facility. Firmly established as a specialist in its area of expertise, E-CUBE is determined to make a difference in the development of various segments such as commercial and retail; residential; hospitality; industrial; costal infrastructures and warehousing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop alternate technology using the internationally acclaimed technology of the Precast Prestressed Hollow Core concrete systems, which reduces the exploitation of natural resources and provide stable structures, which can withstand natural calamities in all areas of construction requirement at an economical and speedy manner to give effective and long-lasting solutions. We are committed to becoming the most preferred solution provider using precast and prestressed products with economical, long lasting, environmental friendly ,energy efficient and green sustainable solutions for the construction problems.

Our Mission

Our ambition is to spread our mission of giving solutions to the world through partners, associates, and similar minded people, to convert the world a better place to live with good houses, durable infrastructure, and to provide homes for homes less and also to protect from natural calamities with our products at a minimum cost. Our dream is to provide Green construction technology to the Nation