Green Building

We are providing green building with the following components. We reduce the user of materials by 50-60% as explained in table Hollow in the walls and roofs gives thermal resistance. Our construction never demands large scale land levelling, filling or cutting of the contours of the land.

The above technology can be used to channel air around the building, longitudinal ducts in the floor and wall increase effective building mass as a form of energy storage and serve as heat exchangers between rooms, and can also facilitate in creating spaces that have different temperature ranges. In the healthcare industry, acoustic performance of the structures increases noise insulation and the high thermal mass of concrete means a huge conservation of energy in terms of heating and ventilation. Minimal onsite activity and safe construction practices ensure the health and safety of the surroundings as well. It is mandatory of Govt of India that the buildings should be Green Certified and Energy Efficient and our technology is the best in it