Infrastructure Products

Our products especially the pre-cast, pre-stressed ā€œUā€ Beam can be further post stressed and the load bearing capacity can be increased manifold. These products can be used in the construction of Bridges, Flyovers and such other structures along with the normal beam structure or fully using our own products. This will reduce the time and cost of construction substantially. Our products can be casted in our factory and assembled at at site to provide a consistent quality as per the design The ease of mass production of similar elements and the rapid pace at which they can be installed in place, is a huge advantage in the residential real estate sector, making precast construction a lucrative option to the Residential Industry. Towers of any height can be built in a matter of months and many unique and aesthetically pleasing architectural elevations can also be cast using precast concrete without the hassle of bulky shuttering and expertise labour.

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